Questions & Answers

Is it OK if I watch or help?
Happy for you to come in for a short time, but for the sake of time, proficiency and safety, it’s best if I’m left in command of the kitchen. If you want to learn how to cook any of the dishes I prepare, we can arrange a separate and dedicated tuition session another time.

How long will you be here?
I’ll be cooking several dishes from scratch, so it may take several hours.  I can’t say exactly how many hours, but can give a guestimate at our assessment meeting.  However, I can work around your schedule and we can make arrangements in advance. Some of the dishes I may be able to prepare ahead in my own kitchen.

How much freezer space do you need? [For freezer fill only]
Depends on the number of dishes required and size of containers, but usually quite a bit. Together we can check what’s available in your freezer.

What if I want you to prepare additional side dishes as well?
I’d be happy to do that, but anything over and above what was initially agreed, may entail an additional cost/fee

Where do you source your food from?
Favourite supermarkets are Waitrose & Ocado, but for special cuts of meat, the Windsor Farm Shop and for fish, O’Driscolls in Windsor. Whenever possible, I also source fruit and vegetables from my local farm shop in Lyne and also source specialist ingredients from online delicatessens such as “Sous Chef”.
If you have an account with a particular grocer/butcher, etc then we can arrange for me to be authorised to purchase on your behalf, if you would prefer.

Do I pay in advance?  How do I pay?
As I have to shop in advance, or perhaps prep some dishes at home, I will require a deposit of £75.00 to be set against my invoice.  If the cook date is cancelled by either side, the deposit will be refunded in full, unless the cancellation is 48 hours or less before the cook date and I am not responsible for the cancellation, then the deposit is not refundable.
Once the cook date(s) are complete, an invoice will be issued, and I would appreciate payment within 7 days.
Payment can be paid by bank transfer or cash.  I am currently unable to process credit card payments.