Improve Your Cooking Skills

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces,
just good food from fresh ingredients.

All You Knead is Bread

Learn how to make bread with a foolproof dough recipe. From this simple dough recipe, I can teach you to make a basic white loaf and an Italian flatbread called ‘Focaccia’. You will also receive instructions to take away and more bread recipes you can try on your own, using the simple dough recipe.

Pasta – ‘justa like mamma used to make!’

Making fresh pasta from scratch is easy to learn and a great skill to have. It’s a simple process, using only two key ingredients: flour and eggs. I can teach you how to make a great ragu sauce and a bechamel sauce – two elements to the lasagne you can make from fresh sheets of pasta. As well as the lasagne, I can show you how to make canelloni with any remaining pasta dough.


Master Your Pressure Cooker – Stovetop or Electric

Presssure cooker clipart

Whether you have just bought your first pressure cooker, or already have one and want to extend your repertoire, I can help you love your pressure cooker so that it becomes your best used bit of kitchen kit. Foods cook faster in a pressure cooker, but speed isn’t the only advantage – they also preserve nutrients and vitamins, as well as being a more economical way to cook. These are my two above.

I can help with almost any style and method of cooking.
Contact me to find out how I can help you be a better cook.