Takeaway Secrets Exposed

When is a takeaway not a takeaway? The answer, apparently, is when it’s a delivery.

This semantic argument was used by Deliveroo in response to the investigations of Panorama’s recent broadcast, Takeaway Secrets Exposed  but it has some significant consequences.

The food you order from the likes of ‘Just Eat’ and ‘Deliveroo’ are known as ‘dark kitchens’: cramped boxes, usually plonked in city centres, in which cooks prepare meals ordered and sent out via food-delivery apps. The food that comes out of these containers is sold under the name of established restaurants; innocent customers might assume it somehow still comes from their high-street premises – but no: this is known as“virtual branding”, and all that sits behind a restaurant logo is a small space containing a minimum of essentials – a couple of ovens, a handful of chefs and couriers frantically delivering what they cook.

On the simplest level, you may not know where your food is actually coming from. On the more dangerous side, you may not be able to easily determine whether that food is safe to eat. Watch the programme: Takeaway Secrets Exposed

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