Planning a Drinks Party

With Christmas not so far away, you might be thinking of planning a drinks or cocktail party for friends, business colleagues or family? Cocktail parties are great for entertaining friends or business associates, or a combination of the two. They’re also great for open houses or receptions, both business and personal.

Drinks parties can be a simple affair, or something more complex. Some of the things to consider are:
– it is going to be a casual affair, or something more formal?
– how many guests are you planning to invite?
– the drinks: a wine only party, or cocktails served by a professional bartender? What about interesting non-alcoholic drinks for those abstaining? A hot or cold punch can also be a winner!
– what kind of food to offer your guests?

Traditionally, simple foods, such as hors d’oeuvres and other finger foods, allow guests to graze and eat sitting, or standing, with a drink already in the hand. Guests can help themselves from a buffet table, or waiting staff can mingle with attractively laid platters, offering tasty morsels, such as:

Aubergine & Tomato Canapes
Parmesan, Goat’s Cheese & Rocket
Parmesan & Poppy Seed Lollipops
Puff Pastry Pizza Bites
Smoked Salmon Blinis
Stilton & Toasted Walnut Balls
Tandoori Chicken Skewers
Tomato & Goat’s Cheese Doughballs
Courgette & Parmesan Crisps
Radishes with Whipped Goat’s Butter & Celery Salt
Fruitcake with Cheese & Apple
Crab, Lime & Chilli Toasts
Cheddar & Marmite Mini Rolls

For your perfect canape bites (freshly made either in your own home or delivered) and help with planning your party, contact me.

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