Enjoy Your Own Dinner Party!

Dinner parties are a great excuse to gather friends and family, drink wine, eat good food, laugh and be merry. They don’t have to be stressful – a stressed host is a bad host – so why not make your life easy?

Dinner PartyIt is all too common that hosts only get to spend minimal time chatting and relaxing with their guests, as most of their attention is demanded in the kitchen.  Think how lovely it would be to be able to greet all of your guests as they arrive, mingle and chat, and enjoy the atmosphere, whilst the food preparation is being left in good hands in your kitchen.

I can create delicious dinner party food, made from scratch, using fresh ingredients, to a menu you and I have created together beforehand.  With everything taken care of in the kitchen, you can relax at the table and take comfort in the knowledge that everything else, too, is being taken care of.

If you would like to have an informal, no obligation, chat then please contact me.

In the meantime, here are some sample dinner party menus that might inspire you!

Convenience Food – The Hidden Cost

Did you know that: ‘most of the meat, vegetables and fish in our convenience food has been transported and stored whilst frozen. Typically, it is kept at sub-zero temperatures for months, even years, but when it is thawed and cooked, it can be marketed as ‘fresh’.
(Excerpt taken from an article written by Joanna Blythman, 3 March 2015.)

Many ready meals are also packed with artificial preservatives and additives to give them flavour. Chemicals which extend the meal’s shelf life and synthetic vitamins and minerals, which are hard for your body to digest, are also found in many ready meals.

On a weekly, or fortnightly, basis, I can provide home-cooked, delicious meals, ready for the freezer, including instructions for re-heating, and even a copy of the recipe for your own use.

Here is an example of some of the dishes you can enjoy:

freezer fill 3

– Lasagne (meat or veg)
– Fish Pie
– Shepherd’s Pie
– Spiced Cottage Pie
– Chicken Tarragon with Cider
– Spanish Seafood Stew
– Pork & Chorizo Burgers
– Asian Chicken Burgers
– Beef Bourgignon
– Coq au Vin
– Asian Steamed Salmon

See the full menu here.  (Other dishes can be added on request.)

Family meals – stress free

Struggling with family dinners during hectic work weeks?

Family Meals

Who has time to cook? We have to battle rush-hour traffic, stop at the dry cleaners, pick up kids from football practice or music lessons, etc., go to the pharmacy, answer more work emails when we get home, and the list goes on and on.  How did life get so crazy?

Rather than pick up fast food on the way home or slam in a microwave meal, help is on hand. I can come to your home at an agreed time, or times, during the week, and have a delicious family meal waiting for you!

time juggling

Alternatively, I can prepare the meal in my own kitchen and deliver to your home to be reheated at a convenient time for all.

Menus and budget agreed in advance and I can either make use of existing ingredients in your fridge, or shop for you – saving even more time.

Make life easy – get in touch!